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Hello guys! I know it's been a loooong time since I updated my journal. Just wanted to say that I'm updated in tumblr and that I post wips/finish paintings/art


I actually don't update much in my facebook page but I post WIPs there instead of here and tumblr page. I appreciate it if you guys give a thumbs up!


Felix: Throughout the Years by bentez
Felix: Throughout the Years
This took me a loooong time kaldjssd. Handling between work and fun just how askdj. I kinda wanna revamp a little bit of his history. Just putting a little sense to it. This is sort of a timeline guide for me XD 670 words
I'm so sorry for my engrish :iconmingplz:

 App: Felix [Hearts]

    3 - 6 YRS. OLD
  • Spent in the orphanage. He can't leave the building due to discrimination against the bunnies. The Landlady, who looks like a fat grandma, takes care of him. He had few friends from the orphanage, one was Cynthia, who's 2 years older than him, and the other Kyle.
  • Some of the punk-children in the orphanage lured him out of the building. He walked around the streets and became lost after that. A harmless prank that gone wrong.  
  • Landlady and the other women searched for him. Meanwhile, he was picked up unconsciously by a family of thieves. They looked like a normal bunch, living in a normal apartment and wearing normal clothes, but they're actually con-boys and girls. Taught and trained him how to steal and treats him like a family.
  • While walking alone in the streets, carrying a bag of bread, he was kidnapped by an organization.

    7 - 10 YRS. OLD
  • Tagged as "11065". Was forced to fight in the pit, although it improved his hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • Made a friend with clover tattoo on his cheek. The bunny didn't had or have a name so he started calling him Clover. Being an escapist for years, both explored outside the walls of the organization, even met a girl named Lui. Clover didn't want to leave, however, so Felix reluctantly went back with him.
  • When forced to fight each other, they were leaving for good, but Clover got caught up by a tranquilizer and he was forced to leave him behind.
  • When he found out he couldn't find his family, he was left fending himself alone. However, he was luckily found by one of the workers in the orphanage. Found out that the previous landlady died and the current one didn't want to keep him. The worker, then, sent him to one of the previous landlady's relative, an middle-aged man "Uncle Martin" who owns a library.
  • Started working as an librarian assistant. Also learned how to read and write. He suddenly like reading a lot while he's working.
    11 - 15 YRS. OLD
  • While working in the library, he was accused often for stealing from the people. Uncle Martin was forced to transfer Felix somewhere, much to his dismay. He wanted to take care of him but when a police threatened him to jail, that was his queue.
  • Felix was sent by one of Uncle Martin's nephew, Oliver. Oliver is one of the workers in a bar called "5th Street Tavern". Felix started working there as a janitor and befriended Oliver and his old friend from the orphanage, Cynthia. He works there while hiding his identity as a bunny
  • Felix stayed in the apartment with Oliver and his younger baby sister. Oliver's father and step mom are back at their hometown, working as doctors. 
  • Picked up some of the skills as a barista and difference of good coffee
  • Oliver's baby sister accidentally spread rumors about Felix's bunny ears. Customers are fine with it though. Some don't

 15 - 17 YRS. OLD
  • Became a driver/deliverer for the ingredients. 
  • An incident happened in a cafe because of a bunny. Because of this, less people came into the bar, knowing Felix is around. He left the shop on his own will with a note behind.
  • Cynthia managed to confess her feelings to Felix, but he rejected it. However, the main reason why she confessed was to let her help him find a place to hide, instead of hiding things from her. She gave him an information about an organization that might be good for him. Felix gave her a sad kiss on the cheek and left.
  • Becomes a spy and a thief in the said organization. Forced to steal panties by his boss, which later became his hobby.
  • Organization was raided and teams are forced to leave. Felix was dumped in a manhole by one of his men and told him to find a new home.
  • Midway to the brigade, he fell unconscious. He later woke up, all patched up and taken care of. He, then, joins in the Brigade to repay his gratitude.
DG-T: Felix [Hearts] by bentez
DG-T: Felix [Hearts]

▌ D G - T

Name : Felix Arlington
Card of Choice : Five of Hearts
Rank : C-Blue
  • Mei Li Hua (Teacher)
  • Kirsche Cinque (Roommate)
  • Pan Serra (Nurse)
  • Vanilla (Friend)
    Just contact me if you wanna rp! I rp anything though I sometimes prefer crack/script short RPs since most of the time, I forget to reply and might leave some RPs unfinished. Lit RP and art based is fine with me! I have tumblr as well, we can do art rp there if you guys like it (will probably have to make an account for rp though). Lazy BG I know //weeps
DG-T: Pan [Diamonds] by bentez
DG-T: Pan [Diamonds]


▌ D G - T

Name :  Collet "Pan" Serra 
Card of Choice : Nine of Diamonds
Rank : D-Rank

  • Felix Arlington
  • Xyruz
            Just note or skype me if you want to rp! Or if you just want her in the contact list. It's pretty short right now haha
BJBB: Hearts by bentez
BJBB: Hearts
power to hearts! \o/

Songs I listened while drawing this:…

There was supposed to be a lot of buildings but my art stamina is getting too low and I just slap some sky and a logo hahaha :iconmingplz:

I wanna do Diamonds too but you guys have so many points already kalsdjalksd :iconmingy-u-noplz:

Characters belong to the ff:

Felix (c) :iconbentez:
Xyruz (c) :iconzungie:
Kuu-Chan (c) :iconmai-kuu:
Cuff (c) :iconidiottwins:
Kaorin (c) :iconkanlamari:
Eris (c) :iconshiirry:
Taou (c) :iconhisekii:

I wanted to add more character but I'm too weak hnngg

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